Primo Payout for Schools - our partnership with schools

What is the PRIMO PAYOUT all about?
We believe that every family in Taranaki should have access to quality broadband to support safe learning and play. As schools throughout Taranaki connect to Network4Learning's fibre services, we want to help provide students with access to safe, predictable and fast internet at home as well as school.

So we have decided to partner with selected schools to help make this happen and provide them with an opportunity to raise some extra funds. 

How does the PRIMO PAYOUT partnership work?
When a person connects to any of our superfast broadband services at their home or work and mentions a school, we will donate $25 cash directly to that school. Please note that terms and conditions do apply and these can be found below.

Does your school want to become a Primo Partner?
If you would like to become one of our partner schools, then please get in touch with us.  Email Kelly Ellis or phone her on (06) 927 3006.

Terms and conditions
When a school family sign's up to PrimoWireless and gets connected, we'll donate $25 to the school. The more families that connect, the more money the school receives. It's that easy!

'School family' loosely includes all relatives of a child(ren) enrolled in your school. They must reside in Taranaki though!

Here are some things you need to know...

1. We will donate $25 per school family connection to an account of the schools choosing, to be used by the school in any way it sees fit. The amount of donations is only limited by the number of school families of children enrolled at the school. Donations will be deposited on a monthly basis (end of calendar month), if:
a. the School family is eligible to join and use the PrimoWireless Service based on coverage and availability; and
b. the school family is signing up to any one of our superfast 24 month broadband connections. Current customers with a connection at the time of the offer are excluded from the promotion; and
c. the School family lets us know they are a family of your school when they first contact us - this is very important!

2. We reserve the right not to donate in relation to a connection if we, discover that any condition in clause 1 above has not been met.

3. The Primo School promotion is open for an initial period of three months, after which we may decide to end or continue for a further period.
a. Donations to be made for families who signed up during the promotion period and who may still be awaiting connection as at the end date will continue to be paid as per clause 1.

4. We will provide advice and support to the school in promoting the Primo School offer. This will include an approved logo, artwork and wording for use in newsletters and/or social media. These may not be altered without first seeking permission from us.

5. The School agrees that PrimoWireless reserves the right to use the Schools name and/or photos for marketing or promotional purposes. We would always come to you first and let you know what we were doing.

6. In return PrimoWireless asks for an acknowledgment of our support in your newsletters, and we would love to hear from you about how our support has made a difference.

7. All of our Standard Terms and Conditions apply. Click here for full details. 

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