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Stratford Order Fibre Now

Promotion Terms and Conditions

This offer is only available for a limited time to properties in the Stratford UltraFast Fibre build zone when signing up to our new Residential* Fibre plans before 30 April 2018.  Check your address here.

By ordering fibre now, you are jumping the queue to be connected faster.

We can even connect you to DSL or our Wireless network** now and then switch you over to fibre when it's ready - simple!

Our Standard Terms and Conditions (STC's) also apply to all services supplied by Primo and therefore once supplied, are agreed to by the Customer (you).

*Are you are business?  Contact us as we have new plans we are about launch!

**may require a signal test

Promotional Offer

Three months at half price of the normal retail price, on your choice of one of our new residential fibre plans.
Once connected to fibre your first three months* of the residential plan will be charged at half price.  The fourth and successive months will be charged at the full monthly retail price.

And, give us the Primo Code "JURASSIC" (before 30 March) when you contact us and you'll get five extra entries in our Jurassic Falls Adventure Tour Giveaway!

*or equivalent part months depending on connection date


  • Wireless Router - This can be collected from our offices at 123 Molesworth Street, New Plymouth or sent via courier, a $8 postage and handling fee will apply.  The router supplied remains the property of PrimoWireless.  Primo will manage the router, and configuration changes can only be performed by Primo.  Primo will supply a replacement if your router fails.  A $199 charge will be added to your final account if your router is not returned within 14 days should you choose to disconnect from Primo.
  • Primo Phone - Residential Fibre plans come bundled with one free VoIP phone line.  Number porting fees do apply.  Our plan includes 2000 local and 120 national free calling minutes, caller ID, call waiting and voicemail.  Low calling charges for mobile and international calls – Take a look here for toll rates (PDF) or Download xlsx

Term and Early Termination

The offer is based on a 24 month term with early termination fees of $299.  Please note we require 30 days’ notice of termination. 

Plan Changes

Plan changes can be requested at any time, and take effect on 1st of the month. A change fee of $75+GST applies during the half price period, thereafter the following plan change terms apply.

A Plan change from the 100GB to 100/20 unlimited plan is Free. Changing speed to or from 100/20 plans is $75+GST or sign a new contract and it's free.

Moving House?

Talk to us about your new connection as we are likely to be able to reconnect you at your new property in Taranaki.

Fair Use Policy

Unlimited plans have a Fair Use Policy, please see our Standard Terms and Conditions for more information.

Credit Check

A credit check will be completed for all new customers.  If we are not satisfied with the information provided by the credit reference agency, we may: decline your application for the Service; provide a restricted Service; or ask for a non-interest bearing security deposit and/or impose other conditions on your Service (including a mandatory payment method or credit limit).

SuperGold Card

The SuperGold Card holder discount may be used after the half price period has ended, please provide us with a copy of your SuperGold Card number in order to apply it to your account.

Connect a Mate

The $50 account credit on the PrimoWireless Connect a Mate offer is not valid during the half price period of this promotion.

A note about speed

Quoted speeds are "peak" speeds and are not guaranteed. Actual speeds will depend on factors such as time of day, location, internet congestion etc. The service is best-effort.  MAX/500 customers should see between 700Mbps-900Mbps download speeds on a speed test, although some connections may achieve even better speeds than this.

Connection Performance

Actual user speeds will vary and are affected by various factors including the hardware and software used, number of devices, time of day, and where the data is coming from.

In order to get the best performance out of your PrimoWireless Fibre connection, we recommend;

  • A quality modem that is capable of supporting ultrafast speeds, such as the Fritzbox provided by PrimoWireless for fibre connections.
  • A high-spec laptop or PC, running the latest operating system with all drivers up to date.
  • For optimum speeds cabling directly to your modem with an ethernet cable is better than Wi-Fi, which can have a large impact on speed.

 All prices quoted are in NZD and are GST inclusive (unless stated). 



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